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Homestuck Family Tree by bwilla Homestuck Family Tree :iconbwilla:bwilla 1 1
The Gift Not Taken
Written for Queen-Obsessed
“I said no, Sandry,” Tris's face burned scarlet as the other girl handed her a box. The object of the conversation was the red-wrapped box, although it was rather plain Tris refused to take it from Sandry's hands.
The lightly haired girl sighed to herself looking down at the package in her hands. She hugged it to herself and watched the copper curls of Tris’ bounce as she stalked off, small sparks trailing her. She only wanted to give the weather mage a birthday gift, but she seemed to take it as an insult of some kind.
Tris found herself on the wall, the steps as always a pain but worth it when she got to the top. Winds whipped around her fluidly, tearing at her skirt and hair wildly. She placed her arms on the cool stone, breathing in the salty scent of the sea. Everything was so much calmer here; it made sense to her why the world acted this way. It was the people she didn't understand, from sweet Sandry, to comforting Nico- they were all
:iconbwilla:bwilla 1 1
My Hetalia Ships by bwilla My Hetalia Ships :iconbwilla:bwilla 0 2
Well Woes
"Rosethorn! Please let me down! I'll poison the well," Briar tried appealing to the earth delicate.  His voice echoed around the moist cavern of the Discipline cottage's well. The rope was wrapped securely around his ankles and the blood passed steadily to his head.
"I'll have a water delicate purify it later. For now, you need a time out." She turned and Briar distantly heard her telling someone not to help him out. He had really screwed up this time didn't he. As the blood rushed into his head he really, really wished that he thought about his actions before he went through with them. I mean what was he thinking, trying to steal back the tomato plant that the earth dedicate had given to Crane? It was his fault she had to give it to him in the first place.  Quickly he scrambled upright upon the rope and sat upon his feet knowing he couldn't climb out yet, or  Rosethorn would have his head.
He guessed that he kind of deserved this, he just felt bad that Ro
:iconbwilla:bwilla 1 5
Mature content
There are No Accidents :iconbwilla:bwilla 0 0
Tris Chandler by Jediprincess by bwilla Tris Chandler by Jediprincess :iconbwilla:bwilla 1 1 Daja Kishbo by Jediprincess by bwilla Daja Kishbo by Jediprincess :iconbwilla:bwilla 1 0 Sandry FaToren by Jediprincess by bwilla Sandry FaToren by Jediprincess :iconbwilla:bwilla 1 3 The team by bwilla The team :iconbwilla:bwilla 1 0


TP: The Circle Reforged by yellowis4happy TP: The Circle Reforged :iconyellowis4happy:yellowis4happy 99 19 Jason: the Last Airbender by blindbandit5 Jason: the Last Airbender :iconblindbandit5:blindbandit5 808 78 Wizard Surfing by Alatariel-Amandil Wizard Surfing :iconalatariel-amandil:Alatariel-Amandil 442 66 Can't Share The Mic by ErinPtah Can't Share The Mic :iconerinptah:ErinPtah 58 4 POA sketches by 0theghost0 POA sketches :icon0theghost0:0theghost0 259 27 Homestuck Family by narulight3 Homestuck Family :iconnarulight3:narulight3 61 14 [Rochu]Walk With You All The Way by ChinChuan [Rochu]Walk With You All The Way :iconchinchuan:ChinChuan 327 78 Avengers: Junk Talk by magickmaker Avengers: Junk Talk :iconmagickmaker:magickmaker 29 2 The Legend of Josh Keaton by VGAfanatic The Legend of Josh Keaton :iconvgafanatic:VGAfanatic 16 10 OH MATTIE BABY~! by Biology-of-Pencils OH MATTIE BABY~! :iconbiology-of-pencils:Biology-of-Pencils 250 180 Always by WheneverTheLife Always :iconwheneverthelife:WheneverTheLife 66 6 'Should I do mine, too?' by Moozy6 'Should I do mine, too?' :iconmoozy6:Moozy6 37 6 Winding Circle by cha29 Winding Circle :iconcha29:cha29 70 31 Robins on a Wire by bluegirlwish Robins on a Wire :iconbluegirlwish:bluegirlwish 766 37 Romano's Melted Ice Pop by natersal Romano's Melted Ice Pop :iconnatersal:natersal 491 201 1p Hetalia vs. 2p Hetalia ! Part 1 by HetaliaMrsSpain 1p Hetalia vs. 2p Hetalia ! Part 1 :iconhetaliamrsspain:HetaliaMrsSpain 1,415 353



United States
Hi, I'm Bwilla (among many other names).
I love most animes and my favorite voice actor is Vic Mignogna- though I am usually a subber.
I have only been an otaku for three years now and have only watched/read64 anime/manga.
I grew up on Harry Potter, it being the first book I ever read(I was five at the time)
I love fantasy

Favourite genre of music: Hard rock and Instumental
Favourite style of art: Anime, or oil paiting is nice
Favourite cartoon character: Difficult, includes anime?
Personal Quote: Bury yourself a hole
My mother wants me to start a jounal, or dairy but I feel that it is too open and that anyone could find it and read my thoughts. so I most likly won't be writting hear


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I loved your Sandry book, it's so powerful, the "I've been looking for you" part. I loved that it only had his hand because it made it seem stronger somehow. When Nico finds them it means so much to all of them and I felt it when I looked at your work.
moosewingz Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh, thank you so much! :icongwompplz: That was exactly the effect I was going for there, and I'm so glad it worked for you! :tighthug:
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